Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is NOT the face of a grounded pup, I assure you.

Mama will try and tell you that I have learned to scale the fence even in the places that have been reinforced. (Chain link is just going up. Long story.) Now, she makes me wear a leash in the backyard. A leash!! In the backyard! Outrage, I tell you.

Mama will also try and tell you that I'm still eating birds, rodents, baby bunnies etc. I swear when I have, one of the kitties has caught them. *paws crossed behind back* She's actually taken to increasing my food (I eat a few small meals a day) in case it's because I'm hungry

I have her trained well.

This is not a picture of my sick day.

So as I've mentioned before, I am NOT a fan of the hot weathers. Well, two weekend ago for the first time it was waaaaaay hot here. Mama's still not sure what happened.

We were sitting outside Sunday morning when Nanny and Grandma were at church. We came back inside and I got all sleepy and clingy. By the time Nanny and Grandma got home I was so sick I didn't even wag my tail at them. Next thing they knew I puked and Mama said into the bath you go!

Nanny went and got my Aunty Savie to help Mama take care of me. They put me in a lukewarm bath, took my temperature IN MY BUTT (talk about dogmiliation) and kept me in front of a fan occasionally applying damp towels until my temperature went down. It took about 6 hours or so for me to get back to normal i.e. trying to jump the fence.

Mama was worried but we had lots of hoomans to help including Aunty J who kept Mama calm via phone. She also mentioned some friend she has on hand for emergencies named Zan Ex but I've never seen him or her so maybe that's Mama's imaginary friend?

How are all of you?


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you're all right! I've been all right. LOTS of allergies, but that's a price you for being a Pei. Listen, just a hint - Once the chain link goes up, don't learn to climb it. That'll just keep you on the leash and we don't want that.

    wags, Lola

  2. Dude, seriously what's up with the heat? Mom put shoes on me, shoes. Ugh. I haven't gotten heat sick though. Oh and I am always on a leash outside. We don't have a fence. But yeah, down with the heat. The only good thing about the heat are the frozen kongs. Blech. Mom doesn't have a friend named Xanax but right now she's cuddling with the a pad that's hot. I hope the hot pad won't replace me. :(

  3. Oh, My Beautiful Princess Stella, I am so sorry to hears that were were sickie. I'm glad you're better, and take a tip from me - I like to lay on the registers in the house, especially when the AC is on - air! Also, Mommy is supposed to get me and Auggie a kiddie pool in the back yard so I can cool off my tummy anytime! YAY!

    I had a problem one time with lifting the gate latch and letting myself out to take a walkabout, but Mommy got wise to it and decided to use heavy duty zip ties to keep that gate shut. What a party pooper!

    I send you all my love, my precious Lady!

    Licks and Hugs,
    BooDee BooDah Tribe

  4. Getting overheated is not fun. Glad you're feeling good enough to jump the fence...but try and restrain yourself, anyway!


  5. Heeey I like eating rodents and stuffs tooo and so does my brudder and sister!! We can be friends!
    ~Texas,Bubbles & Pompei

  6. My mom person has a Zan Ex friend too for when my human boys & me get too crazy!

  7. oh noes, miss stellaluna! i am so so glad that you are a-okay. yeah, this crazy 'n flamin' hot heat is no funsies. i'm sorry you got the barfies. :(
    oh, and me 'n asa caught a bunny like last month, so tell your mama that it's just what we doggies do. no need to mention the G word over that!!
    the booker man