Monday, September 2, 2013

Make room for Mr Handsome

Sissy Stell told me about this cool blog thing so I decided to check it out.  I thought it would be for geeks but it's really cool!

So I hijacked it.

Soon, pretty puppies and your adorable hoomans.  Soon, you will hear how I can to live here and why.

Here's a picture to tide you over.

Friday, November 12, 2010


So, I really do still exist!  I've totes missed you all.  Life has been tres crazy.  Mummy came down to visit from the Great White North, the fence has been finished & foiled several times over, Mama did another play thing (I got to go once!) and all of a sudden I'm almost 11 months old!

There's so much more to update you all with but I wanted to at least say, "Hola!"  I hope all of you are doing pawesome and that Mama starts remembering to help me update again  :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I haz teh smartz

Alright peeps.  This is serious business, or so sayeth the Mama.

My pawesome, fantastic, stupendous Mama has spent forevers putting in a chain link fence.  A good 65-70% of it she did all by herself!  She and Nanny finished it last weekend and Uncle Dick came over to help pull out the old fence.

I was overjoyed.

I did zoomies.

I learned quickly how to squirm under the pawesome four foot high fence.

I have tried explaining to Mama at length that I do this strictly to show my sheer graditution for this new puzzle for me.

Apparently she does not speak dog as well as I thought she did.

Now she's saying things like rebar, moats of chicken wire and ECT, the doggy version.  Please, please, PLEASE, under no circumstances, do not let your pawrents, raisers etc give her any ideas on how to keep me from the puzzle that surrounds my yard.

Begging you!
-Stellaluna the spazteroid Houdini

PS She is a dumb human and thought that walking me more would help.  BOL  I love me a good game of squiggle out of the fence.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


UPDATED: I just heard from Margaret, one of the adoption facilitators. 
Lily has been rescued/adopted!!

Some of you may have already seen this at Buddy Dawg's
In an effort to save time I'm just cutting and pasting.  Italicized is what Buddy's mom had to say.  Following that is a petition written by the staff of the shelter she is in.
Come on all you doggy mommies and daddies.  Let's get this girl and her babies saved.

Below is a story about a beautful sight impared momma dog, age 8. She only has until 8am tomorrow morning. I think we have found a potential foster family available IF we can get her pulled, transported to GA, and a rescue or donations to cover her vet bills.

Is there anyone who either a) is in the MI area and willing to foster her or b) willing to pull some strings to give this gorgeous girl a shot at a forever home? Please help!!!! Please, this poor girl deserves more than what she has been given so far. Leave a comment below if you have any way to help us save an innocent life. Thank you for reading this, and don't worry - Buddy will be back soon.

BEYOND URGENT in ROME, GA!!!! Poor, darling 8-year old Lily was dumped by her owner to die (see story and details below). She is visually impaired AND very pregnant. She is a shelter favorite, but this is an over-crowded, high kill shelter, and she is scheduled for euthanization on Wed. July 7 at 8:00 AM.

Petfinder ID:

PLEASE CROSSPOST, PLEASE FORWARD, PLEASE NETWORK on behalf of Lily, who is eight years old, and who has been dumped by her owners when she is just about to give birth. She is scheduled to die on Wednesday, 7/7, at 8:00AM at Floyd County Animal Control. Lily is incredibly sweet and the volunteers and kennel staff love her!!! They are begging you to save this girl's life--to take her away to a safe place where she can have her puppies in peace and quiet, where her babies will not be born in a shelter, where there will be no risk that she and her babies will die on Wednesday morning!

This is the petition written on her behalf by the volunteers and kennel workers who love Lily:

The owner states Lily killed a new puppy that the owner had just bought. Lily is 8 yrs old and very much pregnant. Could she have been aggravated by the small pup who she did not recognize by smell or sight (we think she has a vision problem as she does not follow your hand in front of her, but turns when you talk to her). We have had her around other dogs and she just ignores them. She has not growled, lunged at them, barked or anything at all... it is like they are not even there. She needs another chance. PLEASE!!!!!!

May be someone who would like to tend to her and her pups and then find good homes for the babies while keeping her. Please, please, please!!!!! We all love her.

Millie, Elena, Phillip, Greta, Susie

If the story told by the dog-dumpers is true, I think it says alot about the folks who bought a new puppy when their eight year old dog was about to give birth in a few days. You can be sure that this is not the first litter of puppies that Lily has had. While it would be wise to be very careful when introducing this little mommy to be to other dogs, she has not shown aggression towards other dogs while at the shelter--just utter indifference! Towards people, she has shown nothing but sweetness and love!!!! She is beautiful, she is about to give birth, she is eight years old--and yes, please, for her sake, for the sake of her innocent babies, for the sake of the hearts of those who return her love and who are begging for her life--PLEASE, PLEASE GIVE LILY A CHANCE!!!! She is scheduled to die at 8:00 AM on Wednesday morning, July 7th!

The shelter is closed Sunday and Monday of this holiday weekend, which means that the volunteer office is also closed. But we are still here, waiting and hoping, for an offer to save Lily's life. Please email ( or Margaret Reno (

If you can help Lily and her to-be-born pups, please contact the FLOYD ANIMAL ( or Margaret Reno at (

Monday, July 5, 2010

My brudder Oz


Hi furiends.  There's lots of good to report from here and a bit of sad but for now I'm just going to post about this.  As I may have mentioned, my kitty brudder Oz is the closest thing I have to a bestie (other than Mama) here.  Sarah and Maddie, my doggie sissies are old and grumpy usually.  The other kitties ignore me or get irritated pretty quickly.

Today is the third day in a row that Ozzie hasn't come home.

Mama hates that the kitties go outside.  I have a feeling they might become strictly indoor cats.

I've sniffed everywhere around the yard now that the fence is up.  Mama has looked along the roadsides but hasn't seen anything.  She's been positive until today but she says that something has flipflopped in her belly and it makes her think that maybe he won't be back.

Mama says she's going to make some flyers and call the Humane Society just in case but she really thinks that my brudder may not be here any more.

I've been mostly okay.  When Ozzie was around we would play really rough.  He taught me to catch critters that were invading our property.  Before I could jump over the old fence he would play chase with me and let me herd him.  But he was also his own kitty.  He loved our people almost as much as I do.

I hope he comes home but if he doesn't I hope he sees my mommy doggie at the Rainbow Bridge so he can tell her how happy with Mama.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010