Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a Major Award!

Hey pals! So as you can see, the past few days have srsly wiped me out! We were supposed to give that very special award Monday night but then my feline brother Oz decided to nearly give Mama a nervous break down. Let's break it down with key words: Oz the Hunter, kitchen, mole? camera, BABY BUNNY, HOPPING, kitty cage, neosporin, grass, water, next day, more grass, more water, Rainbow Bridge.

Oz was supposed to begin his entertainment reviews this week but he's been a shade grounded. Even though Mama knows it's the natural order of things the death of the baby bunny made her kind of sad. It's one thing when they leave presents when they're already dead; It's something else entirely to see a baby bunny trying to hop away to save his own life. Mama also knows Ozzie was doing that kitty provider thing that they do. He's the sweetest kitty we have. Still, it's sad.

In more fun news, this is my latest addition to my jangley tag collection. Of course I've claimed it as mine with some nice toofer marks.

And now what everyone has been waiting for:
A Major Award

So during GABE, Mama and I had this brilliant (or so we think) idea for a very special award. It's not one of those pass around award thingys. It's just going to be something I give out every once in awhile.

I think all of us at some point or another became acquainted with one Mr. Toby and his Raiser. Toby and his Raiser happened to be my first followers. As we all know, Toby has gone off to college. I know speaking for myself and Mama we have both been changed For Good thanks to Toby, his Raiser and their blog.

With all that being said, may I present the very first For Good Award to TOBY'S LIFE... AS A GUIDE DOG IN TRAINING

Mama and I decided when we give this very special award it will come with a pressie for the fur-friend and one of Mama's framed scrapbook things like what Buddy Dawg won during our GABE giveaway. Winners will need to provide a snail mail address as well as three digital pictures (the higher resolution the better) and your favorite colors, themes, etc (ex. pink & green, plaid.) Said info should be emailed to pastyjen (you know what goes here) msn (you know what else) com

Since Toby is off at college, we can't send him a pressie so instead we're sending some loving paw-rayers his way as well as to Toby's Raiser. (She'll of course get her pressie! Maybe we'll send something for the new puppy. Hmm...) Toby is going to kick-tail at whatever he ends up doing and his Raiser is going to do amazing job on yet another fabulous service dog in training. Way to go, you two. Thank you for changing us all For Good.

Mama promises a future post on the details of the origin of the award though we are rather curious if anyone recognizes where the idea sprung from. *wiggles*

All my best to my wonderful friends, furry and otherwise

-Stellaluna Shelia

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Mevening Post

Sunday Mevening Post

Welcome to the first edition of the Sunday Mevening Post. In theory Mama will be posting these every Sunday sometime between morning and evening hence Mevening. You'll note the today's edition is a day late. Me thinks this does not bode well this appearing every Sunday.

At any rate, grab a chewy, kick back and get to reading!

Paw-rayer Requests

Please visit mr. digby, his brother and their peeps. The Booker Man probs sent you all over with us but just in case... My paws are together so tightly. Since mr. digby is in France I'm going to call Mummy and ask her to say some paw-rayers in French. Maybe that will help?
Please also send some love to the Peppy Sheppys and Otis (the POTUS) at
dogblog. Their gramps is having some sickies as is their pal Sophie. Plus, Otis had to have some toofers pulled and some root canals! I did some root canaling yesterday, at least I think. If it involves digging deep in the ground and chewing on roots then I *definitely* was doin' some root canal work. More on that later.

Weekly Construction

I advised Mama that keeping an old recliner on the deck (even if it is protected from the rain and very few people can see it) is extremely redneck. Like a lot. So to express my outrage and in solidarity with HDAR (Hound Dogs Against Redneckdom) I made an attempt to dispose of said recliner. Mama strategically placed a bowl I chewed for my Mr.Riley. *blush* But yes, outrage and solidarity, HDAR I do this for you!

Full disclosure, I am the CEO, CIO, CFO, President and sole member of HDAR.

I also assisted Mama in the removal of this fence post. As I may have mentioned before, Mama and Nanny have been in the market for a new fence. Mama wanted a schmancy stockade privacy fence but Nanny overruled her because of the price. That being said Mama and I had a quick chat with one of our neighbors about whether a particular tree was on his property line or ours and in the process he offered us a barely used chain link fence for FREE! He just bought and demolished a blighted house (no clue what that means) next to his house and he was looking to get rid of the fence. 2/3 of it was already taken down and rolled up. After very little work the rest of it, it is down and waiting in our backyard for the right weather.

Adventures of the Week

This first one was a little over a week ago but it counts. A girl doesn't huggle and tell but if you all have as good as a time at Date Night as Mr.Riley and me, well then you had a super fun time! Thanks again to Twix and her Mom!

It was right around that time (don't remember what day; my head was spinning from Date Night) Mama and I took another walk in the cemetery. This is the creepy part; the only part that gives Mama the heebie jeebies. She thinks maybe it's because you can still see the ruts in the hill from where the carriages would drive through but those don't bug her in other cemeteries so... I might add, those other cemeteries I have yet to visit. *pout* At any rate, I took this opportunity to sniff voraciously, pretend I was a bird dog and pay my respects to some Civil War Veterans.

Mama is a volunteer photographer for Find A Grave, this super cool site that has pictures (or in some case just text memorials) of gazillions of graves. From celebrities to your (human) great great grandfather, this place has them. And if it doesn't volunteers like Mama can go out and get whatever picture you need. It's really pawesome for people who have moved or live far away but still want to pay their respects to the dearly departed. Mama also uses it when she is doing Human Pedigrees (Mama sez: Family Trees, Stella. Family Trees.) especially for verifying service in the old wars because a lot of times the names were spelled differently on every record way back when.

Extra Special Entertainment Report

Beginning this week, I wil be allowing my feline brother and BFF some bloggy time so that he may report on Nurse Jackie, The United States of Tara, Glee and Grey's Anatomy. Mama has instructed him to put this stuff in the title so that A. if you have no interest in that particular stuff on the picture box or B. you do have interest but don't want it spoiled!


The Booker Man was oh so kind to give me this award:
I'm not sure who hasn't recieved this one yet so I hereby tag everyone reading who hasn't recieved it yet! When you post it, you must tell us all 10 things that make you happy just like I'm about to do now!
1. My morning playfests with my BFF Ozzie
2. Zoomies
3. Chewing. Everything.
4. Walkies with Mama at the cemetery
5. FOOD! (Both wet and dry but not people food! I have no taste for it no matter how many times Grandma has tried to sneak me stuff and Mama has told her not to. I have enjoyed the occasional french fry though.)
6. Trying to get Sarah to play
7. Stealing toys from my sissies
8. Naps
9. Lying in the yard chewing on something whether it be pouring down rain or super sunshine.
10. Snuggling with Mama but only when I'm not wound up
Now, I had mentioned before that I would be giving out a very special award inspired by GABE, all my new friends and the coolness of how giving everyone is. I'm going to be posting that separately later tonight. (After her play thing so it'll be awhile!)
Signing Off
-Stella the reporter

Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's nothing like waking up to the sound of a cat vomiting

So sayeth the Mama.

Yo pups, kitties, humans et al! (I would swear that Mummy told me that she makes tea in an et al but Mama said it's some writer-y thing. Since I'm a writer I thought I should use it. Still gonna call Mummy later and double check.)

Annnnnnnyway. Mama has said some of the strangest things this morning including:

  • Emmy go away. (She said this *repeatedly* because Emmy, the diabetic cat, wanted his breakfast early. As in like 6 am early. More on this later)

  • There's nothing like waking up to the sound of a cat vomiting. Yes, she actually said this out loud. Well, not loud but grumbly.

  • Oh Maddie! Does your leg hurt? Maddie hurted her leg like forever ago and sometimes the cold makes it ouchie.

  • Stella, get Oz! She was trying to keep me from playing with my sissy Sarah. Sarah is not a morning doggie. Of course she's not exactly a day or night doggie either. She's a tad grumbly most of the time.

  • Maddie! Leave Stella alone! Mama gave me this thingy that I have to play with that gives me treats, well kibble. Maddie wanted it all for herself so Mama put me in my den with it. It was all MIIIIINE!!!

  • Emmy, so help me god, if you eat that dog food I'm going to barbeque you for dinner. Diabetic kitty + dog food = No bueno

  • It's only 101. Grandma had a fever of 102 last night but since she was lewcid and reading and just her normal crabby self Nanny and Mama decided to wait and see how she was this morning. It's down a degree but since it's morning and all and Grandma has See Oh Pee Dee and Congestive Ticker Failure, she's gotta go to the human VET.

All this being said, Mama is *not* a morning person. She is theatahh person. Theatre people are *not* morning people. Unless of course they're still up from the night before. But then it's still night according to them... Or something like that?

Anyway, it's time for a snooze. More on the very important award announcement later.

Peace out!



Alright, my furry friends, the time has come. Mama is a sleeeeeeeepy human and is refusing to make the announcement post lengthy. But trust, kickin posts are a comin'. And yes I said post*S* cuz of the ridiculously involved process Mama went through when drawing the winners. What can I say? She's nuts. *wiggle*

As a reminder, the three runner-ups will recieve super seekrit surprises from MEEEEEE. The Grand Prize Winner will recieve the nifty photo thingy as well as super seekrit surprises. And lastly, although I promised four prizes, there is actually a fifth one I have decided to bestow. But I'm keeping that one a seekrit until tomorrow night!

Pictures will be posted but not until after the winners get their stuff in the mailboxy things. So without further ado, I give you the winners:

Runner-ups (or is it Runners-up? Mama is too lazy to Google it. *eyeroll*)
Yoda & Brutus
The Musketeers
Piappies World

And the Grand Prize Winner is...

Buddy Dawg

Congratulations to all the winners!!! Mama will be commenting on all the winners bloggies but you are one and happen to see (or in Buddy's case, hear!) that you are a winner, have your human bark at Mama at pastyjen AT msn DOT com.

Okay, rest I must! *snuggles*

-Stella the super sleepy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GABE results coming tonight!!!

So peeps, I'm late on GABE amongst other fun stuff I wanna flail about. (I love all the new words Mama is teaching me!) But yes, GABE results coming soon!

*kissie wiggles*

-Stella with the slacker Mama!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Oh yes. Here it is Date Night with my handsome Mr Riley and what did Mama make me do today? Get a rabies shot. The audacity. (See? I know some big word stuffs!)

This is posting a bit late but I did spend the afternoon anxiously getting ready. Mama is allowing me to hide my rabies tag during my date for the simple fact that I'm not too keen on it yet. I mean I don't hate it but it is kind of weird.

If I can just get ahold of it, I can get it off.

Sorry Ma. A puppy barking on Animal Planet distracted me.

Okay fine. I'll pose. But then I'm going right back to trying to figure out what this clinky clanky thing on my neck is.

The worst part is Mama said Nanny has my regular license in her purse (or was it hearse? *eyeroll* That's a line in Mama's play) and Mama ordered me a special one with my name and our phone number and REWARD on it. I wonder if that means I get a treat for wearing it. Hmm...

-Puzzled Stella

Friday, April 16, 2010

A HUGE ramble and my first walk in the woods

Hi my furry (and non-furry) friends! Boy, has it been a week. Mama has had lots to do so I've been hanging mostly with Grandma and Nanny. Soon Mama will be taking me to the play thingy she's working on; she just wants to make sure I'm fully vetted. As I've mentioned before, she hopes some day to let me join her at work but that one is a long way off even if we get there.

I may have mentioned before (and I may let Mama talk for herself about it at some point) but Mama is a Peer Support Specialist. It sounds confusing to some but I DO understand because she's explained it to me. Mama helps people who have sads and people who get nervous being around other people and people who get stressed out. She helps all kinds of people. And the reason she's REALLY good at what she does is because she's had the major sads for almost her whole life. She's also one of those humans who are like doggies to squirrels. If she doesn't take her one special treat (Mama interjection: Pill, Stella. Pill. Thankfully I don't need cheese or peanutbutter to take them.) Mama gets more distracted than me!

Sometimes though helping other people and doing her play and dealing with grandma (who has some major sickies; we'll talk about those another day) and dealing with just everything it makes the sads come back. Sometimes it happens really fast and she feels like she can't breathe! Mama says she's very lucky because I'm starting to sense when she isn't feeling well and am more likely to cuddle than want to play. She's had a couple of the fast hitting ones this week and let me tell you it's pretty scary. Normally she can tell when they're coming but this week has been different. She's trying to figure it out but sometimes there's just no knowing what causes them. But again, I'm trying very hard to learn and help her through.

A few days ago, Nanny came in to our room to say bye-byes because she was leaving for work and I was sleeping above Mama's head! Like back paws on one side, front paws on the other and my belly right on top of her head! She and Nanny had a good laugh at that one but sadly no picture was obtained. But hey! I was helping! Mama had had one of those bad ones the night before and she said the sads happen in her head so I figured I'd soothe her brain-parts with my soft little belly!

Anyway, Mama is doing better than she was. She's even said that there must be something weird in the air because some of Mama's IRL friends and other bloggy folks have mentioned having sads or someone being sickie. For example Lola's daddy. Lola is an amahzing nurse but please put your paws together and say some prayers for Lola's family along with all those other bloggers and humans who aren't feeling so hot.

That being said, here's some happy:
-The puppies over at Lab Tails are growing and looking cuter by the minute! Since I have a bit of a Labbie look, Mama wonders if I might have looked like them when I was tiny!
-Marge (also known as MY HERO) and her Mama Sam did some agility class this week and Sam was kind enough to post a video. It made my Mama smile like WHOA. Personally, I just want to be as good at agility as Marge is when I grow up! (Also, Sam posted some amazing and profound (Mama's words, not mine) about her life with horses. Mama only made it through the first post about it so far because she figures she'll end up bawling but she's definitely going to read it soon. If you haven't, make sure and read them. Sam is a kick butt writer.)
-Twinkie Van Twinkerson had a lovely advice post that almost made Mama piddle she laughed so hard. Truth be told, I thought she'd finally gone off her rocker.
-And last but not least, one of the oddest websites Mama has ever seen. Mummy (the Canadian, eh) has a rather... odd sense of humor and found said site quite funny. If Mama remembers correctly there may be some crudeness so be warned! I present Unrelated Captions. It's a format similar to lolcats and loldogs etc. but as implied it is pictures with ENTIRELY unrelated captions.

And now what you all have been waiting for: PICTURES OF MEEEEEEEE! Don't worry. I'll forgive you if you skipped the ramble just to she my gorgeous mug :) A few days ago when I needed to burn some energy Mama took me up to the cemetery and surprised me with a walk up in to the woods. Man, was that cool. Plus I had my new flexi leash on and she just let me sniff and explore. It was really nice for both of us.


More sniffin'

Was there something you wanted?

Chilling in the grass back down in the cemetery. Sniffin' is hard work!

Deep thoughts by Stellaluna Shelia

Last but not least:

Peace out!

-Stella the Shrink

Friday, April 9, 2010

Something's in the air and pictures not for those with a weak stomach

Hi, friends! First and foremost if you haven't entered my GABE giveaway, make sure you do!

Secondly, Riley frome the boodee boodah tribe has asked me out on a date!! I'm very excited. Riles, I'm thinking you, me and the Date Night Twix is hosting. Sound good?

Thirdly, Sam (aka Marge's mom) asked for more pictures of my adorable mug. Sadly, what is to come is a shade gruesome but they're still pics of little old me!

And last but not least a grodie story with even grodier pictures! You have been warned!!!

Mama said it best when she called her cuz-in Ouiser and said:
"These are two good reasons to have indoor cats and two toddlers as opposed to five indoor/outdoor cats and an almost four month old puppy. Indoor cats don't leave a freshly killed robin at the back door and toddlers don't suddenly decide they're bird dogs."

That's right ladies and gents, yours truly has decided this dead bird thing is pretty cool. I didn't notice it right away while the door was still shut. Mama said, "Oh my dog" or something to that effect and then of course ran for her cameras (both regular digital and cellophone.) I mean that's what an normal human would do, right? After sufficient pictures had been obtained Mama opened the door and I ran out to potty when what before my wondering eyes should appear but a fuzzy dead bird! I gave it a good long sniff. It was delightful! At that point Mama said, "Stellaaa?" I turned and smiled, grabbed the birdie and off I went! Mama of course was running after me. It was a fun game! Out came the digital camera again and Mama snapped some action shots.

I'm going to leave some space in case you don't want to see the yuck.

Peace out!!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dentastix and I got my first award!

More on Stelula (Stella/Dracula) later!

What a day, what a day! Today, Mama had to do non-Stella stuff for a little bit so before she left she took me up the hill to have a romp at the cemetery. It was tres cool! It was still a little foggy and it was warm. There were some older guy humans and a couple of big machines! Mama said they were digging but not like when I get bored and dig at the couch. We were far enough away that the only thing I really noticed was the digger thing and I barely looked at it once. Sadly the batteries in her camera were dead and she had left her cell phone in the car so no pic-ys.

After dinner was the big fun! Mama picked up some Dentastix for me and my sissies. They were sooooo yummy. While we were chomping away, Mama went to Dentastix website and there was a thing that you could turn your own pictures into one of the denture wearin doggies from the TV commercial. There are several different sets of toofers including Dogcula. That made Mama want to get all creative and turn me into a vampire. (She says my teeth are as sharp as a vampire's!) So yes, the seemingly kindergarten drawing of me in a cape was made by my Mama. Here it is with the toofers.

In other news, the fabulous Dory from Dory's Backyard gave me MY FIRST AWARD!!!

So now I have to tell you seven things about me and then tag seven furiends! I don't remember what all I've told everyone. I hope none of these are repeats!

1. I learned to climb the baby gate Mama and Nanny keep across the stairs. Nanny was going up to change after work the other day and I wanted to help!
2. I have only barked three times other than only when I want Sarah & Maddie or the kitties to play.
3. In the right light the fur on my sides looks brown, almost brindle-y.
4. I get wild when I'm tired. I try and dig in the couch or get someone to play but I do it slower than normal. Mama usually puts me in my cage and I lie right down and fall asleep.
5. Mama had to make harness bigger today! I'm growing up!
6. The rain doesn't bother me at all. I'm content to just hang in the grass and chew on a bone or a toy if I've liberated any from the house.
7. Mama had to pry *candy* out of my mouth yesterday because Grandma wasn't paying attention and I *stole* it from her. Oops.

I think all my new doggie friends have been tagged. I made the attempt to tag doggies who definitely haven't been tagged before. Mama has been reading dog blogs for about two and a half years and has suggested some of her favorites!

1. Cubby Goes Digital chronicles the strikingly handsome Boxer, Cubby and his sissy the beautiful black Lab, Dakota. They work with the Legacy Boxer Rescue, a really kick-butt rescue based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.
2. Crooks and Crazies Is actually a new one to Mama; she found them via Pippin's Gentle Blog (you'll see them later in the list.) They've got a whole passel of pooches over there including some border collies who herd SHEEP. Just like my doggie daddy!
3. dogblog This is one of the doggie blogs Mama has been reading the longest. The menagerie there includes Ethel & Oscar (the Peppy Sheppys) and Otis.
4. Joe Stains Mr Stains blog is another one Mom said she has been reading forever. Mr Stain's can be ornery and gets cold just like my sissy Sarah! Sarah says I'm just like Mr Stain's brother Tanner because I'm doofus too! Um, Mama? What's a doofus?
5. Lab Tails This bloggy has a seriously high cute alert on it. It's puppies times nine at Lab Tails right now, plus their regular five! The puppies' Grandma Joan (and her hubby!) are long time Lab lovers and facilitate (at most) one litter a year. They are beyond committed to the breed and their animals. Joan does an *amazing* job of chronicling all the details of whelping a litter and their first months of life.
6. Patience Please Mama first started reading this one right around the time that Patience was helping a severely starved doggie (first named Shelby; check for her in the tags!) Patience has a whole housefull of Whippets. They are super pretty. Also Patience is an author! (I love seeing how many doggie blog people have started writing books!) Mama said Patience hasn't updated in awhile so we're hoping maybe she'll come out of hiding!
7. Pippin's Gentle Blog Another bloggy with a ton o'doggies. This one is ALL Border Collies. My favorite is Rafe. I love his description of his favorite game, Pilla!

Okay, I'm a tired pup. I'm gonna go raise heck.

Peace out!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Furiends and Sissys and Toys OH MY!

Mmmm, ice cubes!

Good golly I has lots of new furiends! And I'm up to 14 followers! I started with two. It's totes thrillifying. For reals.

And no, I do not have a boyfriend. Yet. *wiggle* So how many boyfriends can I have? I'm srsly confuzzled. Cuz I mean there are sooooo many cute boys commenting here. How ever shall a girl choose? If it's first come first date, then I believe Mister Riley was at the head of the pack. And he is suuuuper handsome. :) Help me out grrlz! What do I dooooooo?

Anyway, as for what is new in Northwestern Pennsylvania the most important thing is this:

Ignore the grumpy black mass on the edge of the photo. That's my sissy, Fattie Maddie.

When Mama got home from non-Stella work and play practice she presented us with several new toys: 3 identical (read:yet we'll still fight over them) lambs wool kangaroos, a fancy AKC fox and an AKC puppy teething ring (not pictured.) It is sheer bliss I tell ya. Almost better than treats. Almost.

Even sissy Sarah liked them! She said that I should know that I'm darn lucky I got pressies today after what I did to my bed:

Mama said that's exactly why I got 'em. My teefers are comin in and she figures the more stuff to chomp on the better.

See ya on the flip side, pals!

Peace out!


Monday, April 5, 2010

This is my GABE post

So yes, I only have two followers as of yet but I figured I'd join the Global Animal Blogging Event. Mama says I'm kind of using this as a way to get more followers/commenters. I say kind of? More like TOTALLY.

Anywho, a cool doggie named Twink planned GABE. The jist of includes Active and Passive peeps. Active peeps participate by holding giveaways and visting and commenting on other Active peeps GABE posts. Passive peeps participate just by visiting and commenting on the Active peeps posts about GABE.

And now

Everydog (cat, horse, etc etc.) that comments on this post will be placed in a drawing for a... well, Mama isn't really sure what to call it. She makes these nifty framed scrapbookky things of people's family trees (I thought they were called pedigrees) and of their extra special ancestors. (Mama said something about Rev Uh Lew Shun Airy War soldiers. I have no clue what that is.) Mama said she'll do whatever the winner requests! This is a basic (digital*) example of what a doggie one would look like. FYI the real stuff is way cooler! :

At any rate, the winning blogger will get one of those for their pawrent(s) and a sewper seekrit surprise for themselves! Three runners up will also recieve a sewper seekrit surprise!

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment!

*credit for digital scrapbook pieces goes to

THIS is my Easter Post

Oh Dog.

What a day yesterday was.

It started out innocuous enough. Good smells were coming from the food room. Everyone kept talking about my Mama being the Easter Bunny because it was her birthday. All in all I thought this stuff would bode well for me. I mean it wasn't horrible. Sure I didn't get to eat all the yummy stuff they did. I got NONE of Mama's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard cake. I did get ice cubes! I now run to the kitchen and sit for an ice cube when the freezer's open.

This is the yummy I missed out on.

Then once it was dark outside, the dogmiliation began. Worse yet? Nanny was in on it.

Upcoming posts will include such riveting topics as:
-GABE! (okay that one is pretty riveting)
-Dogs With Blogs and how long Mama has been reading many of you
-TITANIC there's no way to explain this one. Mama says it will be riveting I think she means revolting. Oh... she was making a joke about rivets. If you haven't gathered, she's a little touched in the head.
-Shots, the ouchie kind as well as the coolness of Rabies Clinics
-More about Gettysburg

Peace Out!
Stella, the not-Easter Bunny

Breaking News this Easter

"Oh my DOG, what has she done to me?!?!

Full story tomorrow.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

This isn't my Easter post

Today is Mama's birthday! I'll be posting more on that and on Easter later. First, though, I wanted to tell you about yesterday. So for about the third day in a row yesterday it was HOT. I was fairly unimpressed. Mama used the opportunity to do some size pictures of me since she's been forgetting to do that. She cared not that I was nearly suffering from heat prostration.

I did perk up when Mama told me that I need to learn to deal with heat so that we can take an adventure this summer. She told me about a place she called Gburg that has lots of good hikin places. I did some research and found out she meant a place in our state, Gettysburg! I found some cool pictures and some SCARY pictures. I asked Mama if I can wear a uni-form when we go but she said it will probs be even HOTTER than the past few days. Instead she GIMPed me into a uniform at Devil's Den. Tres cool, no?

Later alligators! Peace out!

Sgt Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Saturday, April 3, 2010

And today makes FOUR

So I've been going to post several times but Mama wanted to make me a new background first. We all see how that worked out, eh?

To her credit she did make one but it was sized wrong. I could have done a much better job. Just sayin.

Anyway, life has been full of learning though not necessarily the things Mama wants me to learn. She keeps saying I have selective hearing. I'm jsut a free thinker! I've definitely been pushing my boundaries though. *wiggle* I'm mouthing like crazy which we're going to work on this weekend. On the upside (so says Mama) I have longer period of calm. Then too everyone is doing a better job of wearing me out!

Last weekend Mama and Nanny noticed a change in my tail. I've always wagged my tail of course. Duh. But now when I'm happy I *reeeeally* wag my tail. They fear it shall become a lethal weapon.

I also learned how to play bitey face better! I've been taking lessons from Sarah and her extremely scary Kujo face and now know how to bare my toofers while yipping. I'm quite proud!

Lastly, I learned to bark at the neighbor dog. Mama is not overly thrilled at this. Until yesterday I only barked with the kitties or Sarah and Maddie when I wanted to play. Now? Not so much. Mama also found it interesting that it's a totally different bark, a more low chesty bark instead of my yipping. She says it's just one more thing to work on. Whatevs! As long as I get treats, I'm cool!

Well, apparently it's time to clean so I need to go make some mess or another.

Peace out!


PS I forgot to say hihi! to my new pals The Peppy Sheppys (and stinky Otis *wiggle*) Toby and Lola. They're all rockin doggies. More on them later!