Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Mevening Post Vol. 2

Let's jump right in shall we? This post is HUGE and there are a lot of pictures. There are not enough pictures of me, but then there never are.

Paw-rayer Requests
mr digby has been up and down. Please go and give him and his family some love.

Twinkie's sisters both have some yucks going on. Frankie has an inflamed lymph node. Linguini strained/sprained her right front leggy and one of her fatty tumors has grown quite a bit. Mama says the big thing is that last part though she did mention that Grandma had a doggie by the name of Sassy a long time ago. She was a Dalmatian like Linguini and got those fatty tumor things all the time so maybe it's that breed or something?

Aunty J and cuzin Lucy. They live in TN where the flooding is. Anyway, give 'em your paws if we be friends!

Weekly Construction
This week I did some more fantastic bowl chewing though sadly Mama is too lazy to get off the couch and take pictures of my handiwork. Lame.

I also chomped my toofers into my tags some more. Reason why there are no pictures? See above. Lame again.

The biggest construction, I wasn't allowed to assist in and it gave me fits. Mama and Nanny were spreading mulch in our side yard where DOGS DON'T GO. It's outside of the fence and that is srsly not cool. So sayeth the Mama. Anywho, in the picture there is indeed old carpeting in said side yard. Why might you ask? I mean that was high on my HDAR (Hound Dogs Against Redneckdom) list. Really humans? Carpet in the yard? Carpet that is upside down no less. *sigh* I have so much to teach them. But apparently it's there to keep out the evil Knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed to be exact. Now I'm a shade confuzzled as Canada Geese are not necessarily Canadian Geese (as in, their citizenship is not necessarily Canadian.) Shouldn't this yucky stuff therefore be Japan Knotweed? These are the things that keep me up at night.

Adventures of the Week

Alright peeps. Let me set one thing straight. Adventures have been few and far between this week.

I mean first we had Oz and his "getting grounded for trying to kill a baby bunny which made Mama almost lose her brain parts" situation.

Then there is that stupid non-Stella job (for now) and stupid play that Stella hasn't got to visit in WEEKS. I mean, PLAY says it all. I should be the queen of the PLAY. Yeah, I said it.

And, and! The working in the front yard so that I have to try and squeeze through the tiny (likely baby bunny sized) hole at the bottom of the gate. So. Not. Cool.

Whatever. I chewed her shoes. That'll show that dang Mama.

Not ghosties! Just smoke from the bbq!

Oh and one more bit of outrage. Mama made this today and I got NONE. ZIP. ZILCH. They nommed those bbq ribs and mashed taters with bacon and garlic and cheese in em and I got NOTHING. Okay, I got kibble but next to that? NOTHINGGGGGGG.

Extra Special Entertainment Report

Oz here. Still sort of grounded. Totes unfair. At least Mom is letting me blog finally. Except she's not letting me blog about my shows. She's just letting me blog about future blogging. And being sort of grounded. Like Stell said. Outrage.

Other News
Attention Mr. Stupid Man that left the green SUV on 45th Street between 7th and 8th basically touching Times Square. I do not think you're cool. Mama doesn't think you're cool. And I bet for dang sure even though Al!ce R!pley is smiling, Al!ce R!pley surely doesn't think you're cool.

See that alley thing you walked through? Shoe-Berts er whatevs... That just happens to be right where Al!ce R!pley does *HER* play thing.

And you wanna talk about a PLAY QUEEN. She's like even more about PLAY than *I* am. You're srsly lucky she didn't peg you with her TONY Award. Or her TONY award speech.

Photo: Anita and Steve Shevett
Stupid Green SUV Man.

But back to *ME* thinking you're not cool. This is what I did to my my horsey when he lied. First he told me he won the Pennsyltucky Derby and I was all WOOOOOO! Let's pose with flowers!

And then, Mr. Stupid Green SUV Man, then I found out he didn't win. I found out there's no such thing as the Pennsyltucky Derby. So I did this to him:

And you should see what I can do to plastic bowls.

Stupid Green SUV Man.


So I wasn't expecting to get all kinds of new pals just for giving Toby and his Raiser my little ole award. It sure made me wiggle, so hi to all of you!

To revisit GABE for a sec, Muskateers and Brutus & Yoda you guys are good to go! Piappes I still need an address and Buddy Dawg did you get Mama's email? She needs pics and suchly of you for your Mom's pressie! Toby's Raiser gets the same kind of pressie which Mama will be working on tomorrow. She is srsly excited.

That being said. Pressie probs won't go out for two weeks. Mama said something about payday and I'm like DUH! I know that's your fave candy bar. Silly Mama.

PSAs (Pup Service Announcements)

Hear ye, hear ye! Being that there are six gazillion Stellas out there, I shall hence forth be known by my longer name, Stellaluna aka STELLALUNA SHELIA aka Spaz aka Evil Knievel aka whatever else happens to spew from Mama's mouth including the names of my sissies or the kitties.

Also, this month also happens to be Mental Health Awareness Month. Mama has teh crazies and she's gonna talk about it, trust.


  1. Once again I am marveling over how identical you are to Marge! She, too, would be upset about not getting any ribs on the barbecue. Se is afraid of the BBQ itself, though. She thinks that smoke IS a ghost, I guess.

  2. Stellaluna, may I call you My Most Pawsome Princess? Sometime my Mommy calls me Freak Of Nature or Poopie Head instead of Riley, so I understand.

    BOL! I chew Mommy's shoes just to get her attention, and I'm really getting good at being 'stealth' - I frequently steal things that doggies shouldn't chew on and RUN out to the backyard to gnaw for awhile until I get caught...BOL! We would make a good team, eh?
    Later, My Most Pawsome Princess!
    BooDee BooDah Tribe

  3. We just love your Sunday Mevening post - very cool!

  4. You got nothing from the BBQ? You need to go on strike. It does take a lot of willpower and a naturally stable blood sugar level to do a successful hunger strike, but you have to do something, girl! You get kibble and they get ribs? Where's the justice?

    I'm kind of glad that you're going to use Stellaluna. When I see your name I keep getting you mixed up with Stella the Pug. Well, you're both dark and beautiful so it's even more confusing.

    wags, Lola

  5. What a lovely new name!


  6. i dig your name, miss stellaluna. two paws up for sures!! :)
    so i can see you have totally been keepin' busy lately. i think a chat with your mama is totally in order cuz i wanna see more pictures of you, too. oh, and how in the stinkin' world did your mama not give you some of those grillin' meats?!?!!? the booker man feels your agonizing pain. doggies belong with grillin' meats like PB belongs with jelly. the hoomans will nevarrr learn!!
    i hope oz gets ungrounded soon. no funsies there. :(
    the booker man