Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Truth, friends but there IS happy at the end!

It's been forever, friends. Mama's play thing (THAT I DIDN'T GET TO GO TO) went awesome.


There have been some pretty big sads going on here, sads that I can't talk about. I'm helping Mama through but sometimes they get super bad, like now. So Mama is going to a few of her human vets this week to deal with her ickies. We also have peoples in our family that are seeing other human vets too.

So yeah, if anyone can send us some paw-rayers they would be greatly appreciated.


My Aunty and Uncle are on the Petfinder hunt for a puppy cuzin for me. I, of course, have been offering suggestions. They tried for one but he already had a forever home so the search continues.

Mama just got an email from a local service dog training group in our area to find out about volunteering. Two of their doggies were in Annie with Mama a few years ago, whatever that is. Anyway, Mama is super excited because rumor has it they give regular lessons and have an agility course. I hope this means treats.

And last but not least, Nanny gave me the bestest treat seen in the picture above. We had some ice freeze in an ice berg size cube so she put it in the water bowl. How kind of her to give it to me but also made it a game by making me fish it out of the water bowl. BOL


  1. Oh, we will be thinking good thoughts for you all. I'm so sorry that you have sads and will be hoping and wishing for them to turn out well. It's a good thing you're there to help Mommy through her troubles. I have had to do that quite a bit myself. Humans are a lot of repsonsibility, but generally worth it. I hope you get a grrreat doggy cousin who likes to play with you and vice versa.

  2. We hope you mom finds the right vet to make her sickies get better!

    It's good to hear from you, hope your Aunt finds the perfect cousin!

  3. My lovely Princess Stella - I have missed you so much, but I understand you have to be with your Mommy and take care of her sads. Give her lots of snuggle huggles from me! ;-)

    BooDee BooDah Tribe

  4. Hello there, Margie-mini-me! I am sorry your mom is feeling under the weather. We have been there with emotional ickies too so we totally get where you're coming from. Paws crossed for you all.

  5. Sending healing prayers your mom's way. Hope things are looking better soon!


  6. Stella, I think having Marge as your adoptive mother is a good choice. She agrees. Only thing is, she says, she won't share her treats with you. Such a little stinker, she is..

    But yes, I think it's quite appropriate that you two consider each other family! :)