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Hello there and welcome to my blog! My name is... um well I don't actually have an officially name so I'll just go by Star, the name my doggie mommy and daddy's parents gave me.

I guess you probably want to know a little bit about me, eh? (One of my new humans is Canadian so expect a lot of "eh"s)

But yes, I was born in a hot-bed in the Bronx!

Okay, I wasn't but Mama thinks it's funny. She says she always says that and it is from A Core Us Line whatever that is. Just ignore her. I'm the smart one here!

Let's try this again. I was born three months ago (in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania) to my Beagle mama and my Australian Shepherd/Border Collie daddy. Their human parents let us all live in this really cool place that they called a barn. There were all kinds of amazing smells, plus my brothers and sisters and kitties! Mama says they make maple syrup there too and I'll probably have to taste some some day since Mummy is a Canuck.

But back to my parents that aren't missing legs. My beagle mommy, Suzy, showed up on her human's door step six years ago. They tried to find her humans but didn't. They think she liberated herself from an Amish Puppymill which are (or at least used to be) very prevalent in our area. Mama says thank goodness for the new laws about breeding here in PA!

As for my Australian Shepherd/Border Collie daddy, the humans got him to help take care of the farm. He's super smart, loves his job and is learning it really fast! He is about 16 months old now. The humans said my brothers and sisters and I were a big surprise! (Mama thinks there were six of us but she can't remember 'cuz she's OLD.) They didn't think our doggie daddy was old enough to help make puppies. I guess that just goes to show what a fast learner he really is!

Now for some sad. A few days just before or after Christmas (again Mama's forgetful old brain) my doggie mommy Suzy got out and was hit by a car. They said she went to the Rainbow Bridge and that it's nice there but I didn't care! I wanted her with me still! I was just a little baby!

The humans were very sad when mommy Suzy went to that Bridge place. The human mommy decided she wanted to keep one of my sisters. A couple of my other siblings went to some of the humans two-legged puppies. (And can I just say how confused I am? I don't get it. How can humans have puppies that are as big as them? My brothers and sisters and I were MUCH smaller than our mommy and daddy. I mean, we're bigger now but... The world is a very weird place.)

Anyway apparently there were some other humans that kept saying they wanted the rest of us but never came to get us. So two days ago mommy and daddy's human mommy called the newspaper (What IS that? Is it like pee mail?) and said to tell everyone that she had Australian Shepherd/Border Collie/Beagle puppies free to GOOD homes. The newspaper told everyone yesterday morning. My new mama just so happened to be up early feeding one of the kitties here and giving him his insulin. (She says he has Die Uh Bee Teas. I have *NO CLUE* what that means. I'm not sure I want to know.) So Mama gets the message from the newspaper and she says her heart started to pound. Here's why:

Mama works in the Mental Health Field as a Peer Support Specialist. She says that means that she helps other humans who are very sad or confused or many other things. The reason she can do that is because she's been that way too!

Well Mama has been thinking a lot lately, specifically about how much doggies have helped her her whole life and also about all the therapy/emotional support/assistance dogs. She says that she thinks "Canine Mental Health Professionals" are the wave of the future. (Again, no clue what this means.) It was her plan to one day get a puppy, go through all the trainings and some day user them with her Peers. She says her big goal is to some day run a program of therapy/emotional support/assistance dogs staffed only with rescue dogs. How cool is that?! I mean again I'm not *really* sure what it all means but I know that rescue is a REALLY good thing!

Basically though, when she saw what mix my brothers and sisters and I were she knew immediately she wanted to assess us and if any of us passed she was going to make some phone calls to see about getting us into some kind of training. She was NOT planning on bringing one of us home.

Well, we all see how that worked out, eh?

When Mama arrived my doggie parents humans walked out with me and said, "She's the last one." Mama was shocked. The newspaper only told everyone about the puppies just that morning!

So Mama asked if we could go into the barn and do the assessment. She was very surprised how relaxed I was because the human daddy had said there was one boy and one girl left (when she talked to him on the telly fone) and that the boy was the more mellow puppy. She was also shocked at how AMAZING I did on the assessment. She said in all the assessments she's ever done or seen, mine was the best.

Then came the moment of truth. Mama couldn't stand the thought of me missing my brother that night and I was so docile and so smart. She knew with the right training I would be the perfect support dog. The next thing we knew we were in her car!

About a half an hour later we arrived at my new home. There I met:
Mama's Mama
Mama's Grandma (She doesn't feel so well sometimes so Mama helps take care of her)
Sarah -- Mini Dachshund/Chihuahua, 10 years old (she was fine with me at first but now she's not so sure)
Maddie -- Cocker Spaniel, 8yrs old (She was just like Sarah but she's warmed up some. We played in the back yard today. It was FUN!)
Belle, Emmy, Muppet, Bootsie, Oz -- The kitties!

I'd write more but it's nap time. Thank you for stopping by. Maybe next time you're here I'll have my official name!
Until then,
The puppy currently known as Star

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  1. Yay! I knew if I kept reading I'd find out more. What a great story! And my guide dog Jayden is a therapy dog even though his official title is guide dog. He sure gets me through the sads. I'm so gld I found your blog!