Sunday, March 21, 2010

Has it really been two weeks?

I know I don't have any readers yet but blogging for me cheers Mama up so I'm complying. It's been two weeks and two days since I came home and it has been AWESOME.

Since my last post we've done leash work, sit, down, up, stay (even if Mama only makes it a few steps away!) recall work (I have some selective hearing if I'm herding my pals or tracking something,) den introduction (Mama calls it a "cage" but I think its just a fun bedroom *most* of the time) and starters agility. YES, AGILITY. *wiggle*

I was a little wound up Saturday and Mama wanted to burn off some of my energy before she had to meet with her set manager for that play thing she does. We were outback in our yard and she thought, "How can I tire my perfect little princess out?" The next thing I knew she had had built this:

Mama sez: "Why yes that IS an agility jump made out of two empty Tidy Cat kitty litter containers and a broken shovel handle I found in the woodpile."

Mama was very impressed with herself. I thought nothing of it. All I knew was I jumped, she clicked and I got a treat. Works for me!

When I was finally getting tired and kept flopping down to nibble the grass, Mama decided I should have one more jump and then it was inside with Nanny, Grandma and my pals while Mama went to her meeting. Mama thought she was being tricky by turning the thingys on end so that the jump was almost as tall as me. If I could have shrugged my shoulders I would have. I just jumped right over, got a click, got a treat and waited for her to say we could go inside. Mama seems to think I'm some kind of jean-yus. I just like treats.

Also? That clicker thing is COOL. Every time Mama takes me outside to potty I sit down (without being cued) and look up at her like, " Yo. Ma. Let's work!"

I also got to meet some of my Aunties, Mama's cuz-ins. (I was hoping they were those Cuz toys some pups mention on their doggy bloggies but alas they were not.) I decided last night when we were celebrating the health care stuff that I should attack them and show them HOW FUN hair chewing is. Mama was not impressed.

Well, Mama says it's time to go outside once more before she begins organizing her scrap booking stuff. I am unimpressed with this because the way it is now my kitty pals occasionally knock stuff over for me to play with. Granted Mama doesn't find that as COOL as I do but come on. That stuff is way better than any of my toys!

Peace Out!


  1. Stellaaaaaaa! Thank you for visiting our blog. You have been in your new home about as long as stinky Otis has been in OURS. I am certain you have better manners.

    YOur agilities course is most impressive. We can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

    The Sheps with Pep.

  2. Nice to meet you, we are happy to be your very first follower!!
    We look forward to reading more about you :)

    Feel free to stop by Toby's blog - he just did a post complete with a giveaway! (If you haven't already!)

    Toby's Raiser

  3. Hi Stella. Seconding what Toby said. Very nice to meet you and be your second follower. The doggies who blog and their humans are very friendly. I only started blogging about a month ago and have so many new friends. It's just the best thing. Please come by ours any time and I look forward to reading more about you here on your blog.

    wags, Lola