Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a diference a week makes!

Well it's officially one week and one day since my Gotcha Day and boy have I had fun!

The first day the other doggies (Sarah and Maddie) and the kitties (Belle, Emmy, Muppet, Bootsie & Oz) were all really cool with me and actually kind of ignored me. Then too I was pretty laid back. That night, though, Sarah and Maddie kind of went, "Wait. You're STAYING?!" Needless to say the next few days were interesting.

Sunday I learned how to play with toys and chew bones. I also learned how to run in our fenced yard and was quite intrigued by some things in the backyard that I immediately tried to climb. Mama wants to try some agility with me. She says I have to go to puppy kindergarten first though. *sigh*

One super awesome thing is my Mummy picked my name. Mama figured since Mummy is a gazillion miles away, she should get to chose. They were joking about "STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAA" from A Streetcar Named Desire and Mummy said, "That's it! I know what her name should be!"

One of Mummy's favorite books when she was little was a book about a baby bat named Stellaluna who loses her mommy bat. AND Stella means Star which is what my doggie mommy and daddy's parents were calling me. How cool is that?!

Together Mama and Mummy decided my middle name should be Shelia after Shelia Franklin in HAIR. Shelia wants to change the world, just like me!

Monday was AWESOME because Mama didn't have to work her day job so we got to hang out ALL DAY. We did some leash work and more learning how to play with toys.

The best part was going to rehearsal. Mama is directing a play (I think it's like what my doggie daddy does on the farm.) I went with her and got cuddles from a whole bunch of people and then I went to sleep in my bed for the rest of the time. Mama was impressed that I slept through all their barking... er, laughing she calls it. The play is named FOOLS which I think is appropriate since humans seem to be pretty foolish sometimes.

Tuesday, I was a little bummed. I had to stay home because Mama had some places to go that I couldn't yet. She said I can go eventually but there are things I need to learn first and I have to go to some vet thing. I've never been in the military. I'm not really sure what that means.

Anyway, I got to hang out with grandma (she's actually Mama's grandma.) I also spent time with my Aunt Jackie and got a little more acquainted with the other doggies as well as the kitties. It wasn't too bad but I did cry for Mama for awhile.

Wednesday Mama was home and we did some more leash work. Thursday she had more "non-Stella" work. Friday she was home again!

Yesterday was REALLY cool, though. I got to go with Mama, her Mama and her Grandma in the car. They had errands to run Mama said. I found out errands means FOOD. I like food.

We also worked on learning how to sit and Mama says I'm doing a GREAT job. When we worked on it this morning, Sarah and Maddie joined in! Maddie has always known how to sit but Sarah never cared to learn. Mama and her Mama almost piddled on the floor when the saw all three of us sitting patiently in a line waiting for our treats! When they had to leave the house for a little bit Mama put us all in a sit and we stayed and didn't charge the door!

Aunt Jackie thinks that means Armageddon is coming. Mama thinks it's just plain AWESOME.

So yeah, that was my first week. I'm really loving this place especially now that Maddie and Sarah are starting to play with me lots! I can't wait to see what happens this week!

Peace Out!


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