Saturday, April 3, 2010

And today makes FOUR

So I've been going to post several times but Mama wanted to make me a new background first. We all see how that worked out, eh?

To her credit she did make one but it was sized wrong. I could have done a much better job. Just sayin.

Anyway, life has been full of learning though not necessarily the things Mama wants me to learn. She keeps saying I have selective hearing. I'm jsut a free thinker! I've definitely been pushing my boundaries though. *wiggle* I'm mouthing like crazy which we're going to work on this weekend. On the upside (so says Mama) I have longer period of calm. Then too everyone is doing a better job of wearing me out!

Last weekend Mama and Nanny noticed a change in my tail. I've always wagged my tail of course. Duh. But now when I'm happy I *reeeeally* wag my tail. They fear it shall become a lethal weapon.

I also learned how to play bitey face better! I've been taking lessons from Sarah and her extremely scary Kujo face and now know how to bare my toofers while yipping. I'm quite proud!

Lastly, I learned to bark at the neighbor dog. Mama is not overly thrilled at this. Until yesterday I only barked with the kitties or Sarah and Maddie when I wanted to play. Now? Not so much. Mama also found it interesting that it's a totally different bark, a more low chesty bark instead of my yipping. She says it's just one more thing to work on. Whatevs! As long as I get treats, I'm cool!

Well, apparently it's time to clean so I need to go make some mess or another.

Peace out!


PS I forgot to say hihi! to my new pals The Peppy Sheppys (and stinky Otis *wiggle*) Toby and Lola. They're all rockin doggies. More on them later!


  1. Well, you're learning something new every day, aren't you. Good for you! Just remember to pace yourself so they can't wear you out completely. It's not so bad to be tired and take a nice nap or three, but there's principle involved.

    wags, Lola