Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dentastix and I got my first award!

More on Stelula (Stella/Dracula) later!

What a day, what a day! Today, Mama had to do non-Stella stuff for a little bit so before she left she took me up the hill to have a romp at the cemetery. It was tres cool! It was still a little foggy and it was warm. There were some older guy humans and a couple of big machines! Mama said they were digging but not like when I get bored and dig at the couch. We were far enough away that the only thing I really noticed was the digger thing and I barely looked at it once. Sadly the batteries in her camera were dead and she had left her cell phone in the car so no pic-ys.

After dinner was the big fun! Mama picked up some Dentastix for me and my sissies. They were sooooo yummy. While we were chomping away, Mama went to Dentastix website and there was a thing that you could turn your own pictures into one of the denture wearin doggies from the TV commercial. There are several different sets of toofers including Dogcula. That made Mama want to get all creative and turn me into a vampire. (She says my teeth are as sharp as a vampire's!) So yes, the seemingly kindergarten drawing of me in a cape was made by my Mama. Here it is with the toofers.

In other news, the fabulous Dory from Dory's Backyard gave me MY FIRST AWARD!!!

So now I have to tell you seven things about me and then tag seven furiends! I don't remember what all I've told everyone. I hope none of these are repeats!

1. I learned to climb the baby gate Mama and Nanny keep across the stairs. Nanny was going up to change after work the other day and I wanted to help!
2. I have only barked three times other than only when I want Sarah & Maddie or the kitties to play.
3. In the right light the fur on my sides looks brown, almost brindle-y.
4. I get wild when I'm tired. I try and dig in the couch or get someone to play but I do it slower than normal. Mama usually puts me in my cage and I lie right down and fall asleep.
5. Mama had to make harness bigger today! I'm growing up!
6. The rain doesn't bother me at all. I'm content to just hang in the grass and chew on a bone or a toy if I've liberated any from the house.
7. Mama had to pry *candy* out of my mouth yesterday because Grandma wasn't paying attention and I *stole* it from her. Oops.

I think all my new doggie friends have been tagged. I made the attempt to tag doggies who definitely haven't been tagged before. Mama has been reading dog blogs for about two and a half years and has suggested some of her favorites!

1. Cubby Goes Digital chronicles the strikingly handsome Boxer, Cubby and his sissy the beautiful black Lab, Dakota. They work with the Legacy Boxer Rescue, a really kick-butt rescue based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.
2. Crooks and Crazies Is actually a new one to Mama; she found them via Pippin's Gentle Blog (you'll see them later in the list.) They've got a whole passel of pooches over there including some border collies who herd SHEEP. Just like my doggie daddy!
3. dogblog This is one of the doggie blogs Mama has been reading the longest. The menagerie there includes Ethel & Oscar (the Peppy Sheppys) and Otis.
4. Joe Stains Mr Stains blog is another one Mom said she has been reading forever. Mr Stain's can be ornery and gets cold just like my sissy Sarah! Sarah says I'm just like Mr Stain's brother Tanner because I'm doofus too! Um, Mama? What's a doofus?
5. Lab Tails This bloggy has a seriously high cute alert on it. It's puppies times nine at Lab Tails right now, plus their regular five! The puppies' Grandma Joan (and her hubby!) are long time Lab lovers and facilitate (at most) one litter a year. They are beyond committed to the breed and their animals. Joan does an *amazing* job of chronicling all the details of whelping a litter and their first months of life.
6. Patience Please Mama first started reading this one right around the time that Patience was helping a severely starved doggie (first named Shelby; check for her in the tags!) Patience has a whole housefull of Whippets. They are super pretty. Also Patience is an author! (I love seeing how many doggie blog people have started writing books!) Mama said Patience hasn't updated in awhile so we're hoping maybe she'll come out of hiding!
7. Pippin's Gentle Blog Another bloggy with a ton o'doggies. This one is ALL Border Collies. My favorite is Rafe. I love his description of his favorite game, Pilla!

Okay, I'm a tired pup. I'm gonna go raise heck.

Peace out!


  1. Thanks for the blog suggestions - I am always looking to meet new people. And, congrats on your award!

    PS - Tell mama I wasn't referring to any one in particular when I was talking about the whole "disliking purebreds" thing. I just wanted to make sure that no one thought that my post was intended to be a bash to either side. I thought the comments were wonderful, and I, like her, hate elitist people!

    PS (yeah, another one) - tell mama to get some new pics of your cute little mug next time she can! I went looking through all of your posts and I am so, so amazed at how similar you look to Marge. I never got to see puppy pics of her, so it's a real treat for me.

  2. Stella,
    We love your new dracula toofies! And your cape. You're after our hearts, you're so cute!

    Riley says you like the rain too? OMD! You are after his heart.

    Sniffs and Licks,
    Auggie and Riley
    BooDee BooDah Tribe

  3. Hope you got lots of heck raised Stella!!

    We think you are pretty cute, even with vampire teefies!!


  4. congrats on your shiny award, miss stella! good job!! :)
    i loooove your little dentastix video! teehee! your cape and your big pointy teeth are totally awesome!
    the booker man

  5. First one? Well, big congratulations are in order! Of course it is well deserved... Good job. Woof!

  6. Some days are just plain fun.

    Congrats on your award!


  7. Awww Congrats on the award!! You are a cutey pie!!

    I like the Vampire Pic.. BOL!!!

    Licks from me!!