Friday, April 9, 2010

Something's in the air and pictures not for those with a weak stomach

Hi, friends! First and foremost if you haven't entered my GABE giveaway, make sure you do!

Secondly, Riley frome the boodee boodah tribe has asked me out on a date!! I'm very excited. Riles, I'm thinking you, me and the Date Night Twix is hosting. Sound good?

Thirdly, Sam (aka Marge's mom) asked for more pictures of my adorable mug. Sadly, what is to come is a shade gruesome but they're still pics of little old me!

And last but not least a grodie story with even grodier pictures! You have been warned!!!

Mama said it best when she called her cuz-in Ouiser and said:
"These are two good reasons to have indoor cats and two toddlers as opposed to five indoor/outdoor cats and an almost four month old puppy. Indoor cats don't leave a freshly killed robin at the back door and toddlers don't suddenly decide they're bird dogs."

That's right ladies and gents, yours truly has decided this dead bird thing is pretty cool. I didn't notice it right away while the door was still shut. Mama said, "Oh my dog" or something to that effect and then of course ran for her cameras (both regular digital and cellophone.) I mean that's what an normal human would do, right? After sufficient pictures had been obtained Mama opened the door and I ran out to potty when what before my wondering eyes should appear but a fuzzy dead bird! I gave it a good long sniff. It was delightful! At that point Mama said, "Stellaaa?" I turned and smiled, grabbed the birdie and off I went! Mama of course was running after me. It was a fun game! Out came the digital camera again and Mama snapped some action shots.

I'm going to leave some space in case you don't want to see the yuck.

Peace out!!



  1. Aw! Poor birdie. Your kitty sibling looks mighty pleased, though, and you look like you had a blast! When Marge finds something dead, she likes to roll in it. I don't think she's ever picked one up.

    I am convinced, though - you are a mini version of Marge! You even have the same little white spot on your chest. I like how your tail is straight up in the pic of you running - Marge does that, too.

  2. Stella...I think you are a born birdie dog!!

    Ummm....but maybe you should just guard their birdfeeders ok???


  3. You definitely must be part bird dog! And you carried it around so nicely, too.

  4. Hi Stella!
    It's Riley! I'm so excited!

    YAAAAAY! The date nite at Twix sounds great! We're gonna have a good time!

    You're a good with handling dead things - you're so COOL!

    OK, I better go, I gotta
    -take a baff, then, um
    -brush my coat out good,
    -um, then, clean my toofies,
    -let Mommy clean the goobers out of my eyes,
    -eat a canister of breath mints (tee hee hee!)
    -make a piece of plastic bowl art for ya (oh, that's supposed to be a surprise...oops.)

    and wait for date nite. But I can't wait! You're so pretty!

    See ya soon!
    BooDee BooDah Tribe

  5. How sad - the bird didn't even have a chance...
    Just kidding!

    Congrats, you are surly a bird doggy!

    Dogless Raiser