Saturday, April 17, 2010


Oh yes. Here it is Date Night with my handsome Mr Riley and what did Mama make me do today? Get a rabies shot. The audacity. (See? I know some big word stuffs!)

This is posting a bit late but I did spend the afternoon anxiously getting ready. Mama is allowing me to hide my rabies tag during my date for the simple fact that I'm not too keen on it yet. I mean I don't hate it but it is kind of weird.

If I can just get ahold of it, I can get it off.

Sorry Ma. A puppy barking on Animal Planet distracted me.

Okay fine. I'll pose. But then I'm going right back to trying to figure out what this clinky clanky thing on my neck is.

The worst part is Mama said Nanny has my regular license in her purse (or was it hearse? *eyeroll* That's a line in Mama's play) and Mama ordered me a special one with my name and our phone number and REWARD on it. I wonder if that means I get a treat for wearing it. Hmm...

-Puzzled Stella


  1. Stella, you are stunning even with your tag on!

  2. Stella, don't be embarrassed of your rabies tag. Every one needs them! Marge wears a grand total of FOUR tags on her "main" collar.. name tag, microchip tag, rabies tag AND dog license. I feel like we've collected more as she's gotten older!

  3. Tags with numbers are a good thing...that way if you happen to run off you can find your way back to you mom that much faster! We all wear them, even Petey the cat since he sometimes sneaks out!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  4. ewww. i'm sorry you had to get stuck, but it's important to have that rabies vaccination thingie. the tag is totally important, too, so don't try to bite it off your collar!
    the booker man

  5. My Darling, I never noticed your rabies tag, as I was gazing into your lovely eyes all evening. And your blonde hair! BOL!

    BooDee BooDahs

  6. The jingle-jangle of tags does take some getting used to, doesn't it?

  7. You look so very good!

    Don't forget to do your GABE Drawing :)