Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Furiends and Sissys and Toys OH MY!

Mmmm, ice cubes!

Good golly I has lots of new furiends! And I'm up to 14 followers! I started with two. It's totes thrillifying. For reals.

And no, I do not have a boyfriend. Yet. *wiggle* So how many boyfriends can I have? I'm srsly confuzzled. Cuz I mean there are sooooo many cute boys commenting here. How ever shall a girl choose? If it's first come first date, then I believe Mister Riley was at the head of the pack. And he is suuuuper handsome. :) Help me out grrlz! What do I dooooooo?

Anyway, as for what is new in Northwestern Pennsylvania the most important thing is this:

Ignore the grumpy black mass on the edge of the photo. That's my sissy, Fattie Maddie.

When Mama got home from non-Stella work and play practice she presented us with several new toys: 3 identical (read:yet we'll still fight over them) lambs wool kangaroos, a fancy AKC fox and an AKC puppy teething ring (not pictured.) It is sheer bliss I tell ya. Almost better than treats. Almost.

Even sissy Sarah liked them! She said that I should know that I'm darn lucky I got pressies today after what I did to my bed:

Mama said that's exactly why I got 'em. My teefers are comin in and she figures the more stuff to chomp on the better.

See ya on the flip side, pals!

Peace out!



  1. My Raiser skipped the "romance" training fur me - sorry!
    I guess guide dogs don't get to have that kind of fun... :(
    Those toys look like fun!


  2. Those stuffies look like fun to play with!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  3. WOW...tearing apart that bed must have been a great time!!

    I gave you an award today, stop by and pick it up if you get a chance!


  4. Ruh-roh! You got some 'spainin' to do!


  5. Toby - That is a sad state of affairs but but but you're gonna be even more of a superstar than you already are! That's totes better than romance, I'm sure.

    Yoda & Brutus - They are SO fun. I especially love the foxie.

    Dory - It was serious fun. Like a lot. Thank you for the award! I'm gonna put it up today.

    Pat - That is pretty much what Mama said. Well actually it was closer to Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  6. Stella:

    RILEY: tee hee! I did that to my beddie bye too! hee hee! You got some neat-o animules to play with too. Me and Auggie love to destuff stuffies, hee hee!
    AUGGIE: Ask her!
    RILEY: *blush* I can't!
    AUGGIE: Come on! I know you like her!
    RILEY: Oookaay...
    *ahem* Miss Stella? Do you think we could have a playdate sometime? hee hee hee...
    AUGGIE: *whispers* good job, buddy!
    RILEY: 'Cuz I think you're really cute, and you like to tear up your bed, and play with stuffie animules, and eat ice cubes, and lay in the rain, and...
    AUGGIE: OK, hang on there Romeo - don't get ahead of yourself - save some for your date, if Stella accepts...
    RILEY: *blush* tee hee hee!

    Sniffs and Licks,
    Auggie and Riley
    BooDee BooDah Tribe