Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Mevening Post

Sunday Mevening Post

Welcome to the first edition of the Sunday Mevening Post. In theory Mama will be posting these every Sunday sometime between morning and evening hence Mevening. You'll note the today's edition is a day late. Me thinks this does not bode well this appearing every Sunday.

At any rate, grab a chewy, kick back and get to reading!

Paw-rayer Requests

Please visit mr. digby, his brother and their peeps. The Booker Man probs sent you all over with us but just in case... My paws are together so tightly. Since mr. digby is in France I'm going to call Mummy and ask her to say some paw-rayers in French. Maybe that will help?
Please also send some love to the Peppy Sheppys and Otis (the POTUS) at
dogblog. Their gramps is having some sickies as is their pal Sophie. Plus, Otis had to have some toofers pulled and some root canals! I did some root canaling yesterday, at least I think. If it involves digging deep in the ground and chewing on roots then I *definitely* was doin' some root canal work. More on that later.

Weekly Construction

I advised Mama that keeping an old recliner on the deck (even if it is protected from the rain and very few people can see it) is extremely redneck. Like a lot. So to express my outrage and in solidarity with HDAR (Hound Dogs Against Redneckdom) I made an attempt to dispose of said recliner. Mama strategically placed a bowl I chewed for my Mr.Riley. *blush* But yes, outrage and solidarity, HDAR I do this for you!

Full disclosure, I am the CEO, CIO, CFO, President and sole member of HDAR.

I also assisted Mama in the removal of this fence post. As I may have mentioned before, Mama and Nanny have been in the market for a new fence. Mama wanted a schmancy stockade privacy fence but Nanny overruled her because of the price. That being said Mama and I had a quick chat with one of our neighbors about whether a particular tree was on his property line or ours and in the process he offered us a barely used chain link fence for FREE! He just bought and demolished a blighted house (no clue what that means) next to his house and he was looking to get rid of the fence. 2/3 of it was already taken down and rolled up. After very little work the rest of it, it is down and waiting in our backyard for the right weather.

Adventures of the Week

This first one was a little over a week ago but it counts. A girl doesn't huggle and tell but if you all have as good as a time at Date Night as Mr.Riley and me, well then you had a super fun time! Thanks again to Twix and her Mom!

It was right around that time (don't remember what day; my head was spinning from Date Night) Mama and I took another walk in the cemetery. This is the creepy part; the only part that gives Mama the heebie jeebies. She thinks maybe it's because you can still see the ruts in the hill from where the carriages would drive through but those don't bug her in other cemeteries so... I might add, those other cemeteries I have yet to visit. *pout* At any rate, I took this opportunity to sniff voraciously, pretend I was a bird dog and pay my respects to some Civil War Veterans.

Mama is a volunteer photographer for Find A Grave, this super cool site that has pictures (or in some case just text memorials) of gazillions of graves. From celebrities to your (human) great great grandfather, this place has them. And if it doesn't volunteers like Mama can go out and get whatever picture you need. It's really pawesome for people who have moved or live far away but still want to pay their respects to the dearly departed. Mama also uses it when she is doing Human Pedigrees (Mama sez: Family Trees, Stella. Family Trees.) especially for verifying service in the old wars because a lot of times the names were spelled differently on every record way back when.

Extra Special Entertainment Report

Beginning this week, I wil be allowing my feline brother and BFF some bloggy time so that he may report on Nurse Jackie, The United States of Tara, Glee and Grey's Anatomy. Mama has instructed him to put this stuff in the title so that A. if you have no interest in that particular stuff on the picture box or B. you do have interest but don't want it spoiled!


The Booker Man was oh so kind to give me this award:
I'm not sure who hasn't recieved this one yet so I hereby tag everyone reading who hasn't recieved it yet! When you post it, you must tell us all 10 things that make you happy just like I'm about to do now!
1. My morning playfests with my BFF Ozzie
2. Zoomies
3. Chewing. Everything.
4. Walkies with Mama at the cemetery
5. FOOD! (Both wet and dry but not people food! I have no taste for it no matter how many times Grandma has tried to sneak me stuff and Mama has told her not to. I have enjoyed the occasional french fry though.)
6. Trying to get Sarah to play
7. Stealing toys from my sissies
8. Naps
9. Lying in the yard chewing on something whether it be pouring down rain or super sunshine.
10. Snuggling with Mama but only when I'm not wound up
Now, I had mentioned before that I would be giving out a very special award inspired by GABE, all my new friends and the coolness of how giving everyone is. I'm going to be posting that separately later tonight. (After her play thing so it'll be awhile!)
Signing Off
-Stella the reporter


  1. Your newspaper is simply overflowing with information. Great pictures, too!


  2. Oh Stella, you really are after my heart! I loved the picture of the recliner on the porch, AND the bowl too! (our little secret - tee hee hee!) While Mommy doesn't have a recliner on the porch, I do get busy with the cedar chairs in the back yard. As I'm sure you know, sometimes those corners are sharp, and I got to work and now they are nicely chewed down.
    And Mommy is always amazed at the holes I dig in the ground! She keeps thinking that some people from the other side of the world are gonna come walking out. I dunno what that means, she just so silly!!
    I had such a good time at date night, Stella. Will you, um, *tee hee hee* consider going out again???

    BooDee BooDah Tribe

  3. We so really love your new newspaper Stella and promise that we will get Mama to read it to us. So much great news!!


  4. Great post. My mom person is going to check out that graveyard site, she loves taking pictures in cemetaries.