Sunday, April 4, 2010

This isn't my Easter post

Today is Mama's birthday! I'll be posting more on that and on Easter later. First, though, I wanted to tell you about yesterday. So for about the third day in a row yesterday it was HOT. I was fairly unimpressed. Mama used the opportunity to do some size pictures of me since she's been forgetting to do that. She cared not that I was nearly suffering from heat prostration.

I did perk up when Mama told me that I need to learn to deal with heat so that we can take an adventure this summer. She told me about a place she called Gburg that has lots of good hikin places. I did some research and found out she meant a place in our state, Gettysburg! I found some cool pictures and some SCARY pictures. I asked Mama if I can wear a uni-form when we go but she said it will probs be even HOTTER than the past few days. Instead she GIMPed me into a uniform at Devil's Den. Tres cool, no?

Later alligators! Peace out!

Sgt Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

1 comment:

  1. I do agree with you, it is SOO hot.
    My Raiser "makes" me play outside in the hot heat...

    You look so good in uniform!
    Happy Easter!