Monday, April 5, 2010

THIS is my Easter Post

Oh Dog.

What a day yesterday was.

It started out innocuous enough. Good smells were coming from the food room. Everyone kept talking about my Mama being the Easter Bunny because it was her birthday. All in all I thought this stuff would bode well for me. I mean it wasn't horrible. Sure I didn't get to eat all the yummy stuff they did. I got NONE of Mama's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard cake. I did get ice cubes! I now run to the kitchen and sit for an ice cube when the freezer's open.

This is the yummy I missed out on.

Then once it was dark outside, the dogmiliation began. Worse yet? Nanny was in on it.

Upcoming posts will include such riveting topics as:
-GABE! (okay that one is pretty riveting)
-Dogs With Blogs and how long Mama has been reading many of you
-TITANIC there's no way to explain this one. Mama says it will be riveting I think she means revolting. Oh... she was making a joke about rivets. If you haven't gathered, she's a little touched in the head.
-Shots, the ouchie kind as well as the coolness of Rabies Clinics
-More about Gettysburg

Peace Out!
Stella, the not-Easter Bunny


  1. You may not be the Easter Bunny, but you are cute in your ears.

  2. Ok, you are delicious. And I know we are different, but you are one handsome 4legged.

  3. Aunty J! You know I's cute. Duh!

    Silvieon - You are totes adorable too!